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Hinduism tales often convey meanings that speak volumes about life and existence through mythological characters. Hinduism worships every element in the existence of this world. Be it the sun, moon, plants, animals, soil, or water. Each element has a mythological tale that is believed to be the reason why they are worshipped. After hearing many many stories from the Ramayan (Lord Rama’s tough life in his kingdom), Mahabharat (The betrayal to the Pandavas), and Krishna Leela (Lord Krishna falling in love with Radha), the questions kept pouring in. I remember asking my mom one day, what has kingdoms or love…

One fine evening during a call with my mom, the first thing she told that day was, “We are going to attend a wedding!”

It was strange to hear the enthusiasm in her voice. She knew I never liked attending functions. I said, “Should I accompany? I don’t think you need me amma. Teju(my sibling)and dad will be with you, right? Who’s wedding is it anyway?”

“I knew you would try to slip away. Lakshmi auntie’s son is getting married. And It’s in Tirupati, not elsewhere. Anyway, we should consider ourselves lucky to be visiting again after eight years. Dad’s…

Manasa Jayasri

Caffeinated & Curious

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